Mr. Abhishek Bansal

Mr. Abhishek Bansal, 31, is the key Promoter and Director of ABans group. He holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce from Mumbai University. Mr. Bansal always held a deep passion for the commodity market, and started ABans at the age of 18 as a single man army. Under Mr. Bansal’s guidance, the company has grown from being a traditional stock trading & broking firm into a dynamic and diversified business group. ABans company now deals in Stock and Commodity Broking Services, Merchant Banking, Non Banking Financial Services, Renewable Energy, Gems & Jewels, Realty & Infrastructure services etc, employing more than 300 people now.

Mr. Bansal is an avid reader of historical Indian texts, modern scientific findings and psychology. He believes in adopting the latest technology and innovations, while keeping the roots of his Indian traditions in place. A potent love for vedic maths and calculus gives him the reputation of being extremely fast and meticulous in his calculations. He loves to study world politics, understand the nitty-gritty of the relationship shared between politics and economics and the way it affects human life and relationships.

Mr. Bansal believes in adopting best practices for his company and does not shy away from going that extra mile for the same.