BSE Vs NSEL, Stock Exchanges, Traded Companies – Abans Group


25 May 2018

A marketplace where the securities can be freely traded between investors with the help of brokers is termed as “Stock Exchange”. You can purchase and sell debt, derivatives as well as securities with the help of this platform. Two major stock exchanges – Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSEL) are the key indicators of the financial strength of the country’s economy. The first stock exchange of the continent is Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). And National Stock Exchange (NSEL) introduced an advanced electronic trading system in the country.

Under the Securities Contract Regulation Act 1956, BSE was recognized as the premier stock exchange of the country in 1957 by Central Government of India. It was on the basis of registered members, BSE stood first in the list of top stock exchanges across the world.

National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSEL) came into force in the year 1992 and is the youngest stock exchange of the country. In 1995, NSEL introduced Nifty to act as a basis for measuring the performance of the exchange.

Following are the differences between BSE and NSEL:
1. NSEL is the youngest one while BSE is the oldest one.
2. BSE introduced BOLT in 1995 and NSEL was the first to initiate the modernized trading system in 1992.
3. SENSEX indicates BSE’s index and includes 30 top trading companies. And NIFTY is the index of NSEL, displays 50 most traded companies.

Transactions by millions of investors, brokers are observed on a daily basis through BSE and NSEL. Located in Mumbai, both the stock exchanges are recognized by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

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