Commodity Trading Vs Forex

Commodity Trading Vs Forex

23 Apr 2018

Commodity Trading and Forex Trading are amongst the most popular investment avenues in the western world. The trend is slowly but steadily catching up in India and these are now seen as popular ways to invest. Most traders have turned to Commodities and Forex in addition to stocks due to overall uncertainties in the stock market and as an alternate investment strategy. It is important for us to analyze both the options and determine which would be most consistent and profitable.

Ease of Trading - The value of commodities is based directly on demand and supply, thus commodities can be fairly easy to trade. If you use right trading system or strategy then forex can be rather easy to trade.

Profitability - This factor in commodity trading depends on the amount of money you initially invest. And there are millions of people who are earning their fortunes by trading in forex market.

Consistency - Commodity trading can be consistent but it is important that you should utilize market news for prediction of future values. In Forex market, you can use set techniques to predict forex trends.

Predictability - Forex markets are more predictable while commodity prices can change. There are more trends created in Forex that can be followed compared to the commodity market.

Information - Now-a-days information about Forex and Commodity trading is much more accessible and most of it is free.

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