Our Companies

ABans Finance Pvt. Ltd.

ABans Finance Pvt. Ltd. (AFPL) formerly known as Sofed Comtrade Private Ltd. started its journey in the year 1995 in Calcutta (present Kolkata) and is continuing now, with the registered office in Mumbai. Structured commodity finance is used for funding the trade of soft and hard commoditites.

AFPL, an NBFC is registered with the RBI, in the category of non-acceptance of public deposits vide dated 12th August, 2013, and is engaged in advisory services like Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Trade Finance and providing Business & Retail Loans against collateral security of immovable property, agri stocks, liquid assets like shares, other financial assets, gold jewelry, etc. We provide our clients with trading finance solutions which help them expand and diversify their financial portfolio. We also advance loans to our other associate companies within the ABans Group

Our team of management professionals makes sure that your experience is seamless and transparent and your investments healthy.

We are financing against agricultural stocks to farmers and processors of agri-products. For any such query please contact us on info@abans.co.in.